Virtual classroom

New possibilities in the delivery of educational programs

We have a solution for your educational needs. A virtual classroom, feedback integration, test integration, secure connectivity, student authentication and authorization, employee learning when at home office or in quarantine. We are ready to help you. Are you ready to try quality remote education?

Where to start?

We can help you build your own capacities, we can train your trainers and design or produce didactic programs. You can also make use of our environment and experts. We can provide you with the environment, content, and know-how. It’s all up to you.

Virtual classroom – “podium”

In our DarkBlue studio studio, one to four lecturers can teach at the same time. Others can be connected remotely. Lecturers can use a smartboard and other tools. Their lectures are accompanied by presentations, subtitles, videos, and other content. The lead lecturer is supported during the lecture by a technician, a feedback moderator, and – if needed – a director. Lecturers can receive feedback and questions via chat and video or audio link. The technician runs systems for polls, tests, or demonstrations. Of course, the studio includes a green background area for keying in graphic content or remote lecturers when needed.

Transmission route

Webex, Microsoft Teams, IBM Sametime, Zoom, Jits, YouTube private channel and other platforms can be used for content streaming and distribution. As these services are often congested and unstable, we can transmit the stream over our own or your proprietary encrypted channel. Parallel polls and tests are secured by an encrypted connection and web client on the student’s side, and parallel content is delivered to the student’s mobile device securely if necessary.

Virtual classroom – “auditorium”

Students can sit in a real virtual classroom – that is, each with his/her own computer at home, at the workplace, or anywhere else. After logging into their computer, students receive a broadcast of the event, can ask questions and make comments, and complete various polls and tests.

If constraints and regulations permit, students can also sit in one room (all or some of them) where projection and communication technology can be used to advantage. In this case, an assistant to the main lecturer may be present at the delivery point.

Content and form

Depending on the type of licence purchased, the recording of the broadcast may be available offline. Some inputs may be translated simultaneously. The dynamics of the contact event are fully preserved, including breaks, variety of forms, the possibility of live demonstrations, and the possibility of hands-on exercises directly by the students.