Cyber Security Manager

Comprehensive management, development, building or more effective performance of cyber protection activities for modern corporate premises, office
and residential buildings, automated plants, logistics centres, offices, garages and more. The motivation for the establishment of such a role should not only be new European and national regulations, but above all the painful and expensive experience of a long line of companies that have not been able to prevent a cyber attack or incident.

More and more companies are adding the requirement to ensure cybersecurity
in contracts or tender conditions. However, it is not economically viable for most companies to employ a full-time cybersecurity manager.

Our company offers an outsourced cyber security manager service that covers a wide range of security aspects from prevention to detection to response to security incidents.
Our experts deal with processes, documentation, security technology lifecycle management, cybersecurity strategy development
and its effective implementation.

Why choose an external cybersecurity manager?


Fulfill all security requirements without having to employ a full-time specialist. Our expert is usually hired for only 3-5 days of work per month in "idle mode".


Adapting services to your current needs, status and scope of projects. More hours and additional expertise only when you really need it. You don't pay unnecessary flat fees to ICS, cloud or SCADA experts, for example, if we can provide them for the necessary number of hours in guaranteed quality.

We often encounter the opinion that security can be managed by operational IT specialists. However, they are usually more focused on asset availability, as this is their traditional domain. Experience from audits and incident investigations shows that operational IT roles often do not have the capacity and skills to handle security, or simply cannot keep up with the rapid evolution of cyber risks - in fact, dozens of new vulnerabilities and attack vectors are published every month. We can be a useful partner to your operational IT.

Our team of experts is ready to be the security backbone you and your clients need to run your business and grow with confidence.

Contact us. We can discuss how to customize our services even more effectively to your individual needs.

With this service you get:

  • Expertise at your fingertips
    Access to highly qualified cybersecurity experts with years of experience.
  • Continuous monitoring of security threats
    Continuous monitoring and analysis of cyber threats to identify and prevent potential risks.
  • Verification of security status
    Vulnerability scanning, personal qualification verification, penetration testing if necessary.
  • Planning and implementation of security measures
    Planning and implementing security measures and strategies that meet your company's specific needs.
  • Training and know-how transfer
    Training for employees and the transfer of key cybersecurity knowledge into your organisation, especially into standards and regulations.
  • Response to Security Incidents
    We offer a fast and effective response to security incidents to minimize the impact on your company. We are usually able to activate experts on the affected technology immediately and reduce the time to resolve the incident.
  • Regular reports and evaluations
    We provide regular reports on the state of cybersecurity, including recommendations for further improvements.
  • Supplier safety management assistance
    Attacking suppliers is becoming one of the most common ways to attack an organization.
  • Communication with auditors, insurance company, government authorities or business partners
    You don't have to delve into topics you don't really understand anyway, and you get an expert by your side.