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Our team has been involved in hundreds of security-focused projects and has a library of standards and case studies

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We serve clients where they need us, regardless of the complexity or hazardous nature of the site or environment



Seminars, workshops, trainings, and webinars are prepared for you by a team of experienced lecturers. Our offer includes a range of accredited and certified courses. We create, produce, and deliver both face-to-face and remote educational events, particularly in the areas of security, crisis management, and emergency management.
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Audits and penetration testing

Audits, security assessments and risk analyses according to ISO, NIST, or Czech legislation. Our key activities include penetration testing. We can also help you with security policies, strategies, and concepts. We also provide Red Teaming services.
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Security Manager

The security manager is a key role for maintaining effective security infrastructure, processes and knowledge in the organisation. Our company offers the service of a security manager to help you handle a wide range of security aspects - from prevention to response to security incidents.
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Cyber defence arena

This training covers the cyber security of the organization with the emphasis on the tactics of both attackers and defenders, providing insight into the mindset and behaviour of attackers and the methods and techniques they use. The training focuses specifically on the human factor, team performance, and their role in cyber defence.
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Soft target protection

With our partners, we conduct special simulations and courses with the topics of Active shooter, Crisis communication, Conflict caused by a person under the influence of narcotics and addictive substances, Preventing an incident with a disoriented person or a person in acute distress, and a lot more.
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Cyber Security Manager

We offer an outsourced cyber security manager service that covers a wide range of security aspects from prevention to detection to response to security incidents. We provide comprehensive management, development, building or more efficient execution of cyber protection activities.
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Information protection

Comprehensive information protection solutions both in electronic and printed form. Our standard is to safeguard not only confidentiality, but also availability and integrity. We always solve the protection of information against a deliberate attack from outside and inside the organization, but also against damage caused by human or technical error.
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Virtual classroom

We have a solution for your educational needs. A virtual classroom, feedback integration, test integration, secure connectivity, student authentication and authorization, employee learning when at home office or in quarantine. We are ready to help you. Are you ready to try quality remote education?
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Vulnerabilities mapping

Zcela unikátní řešení pro přesné mapování zranitelností lidského faktoru bezpečnosti, měření a hodnocení efektivnosti a kvality vzdělávacích programů, detekce kritických procesů a uzlů. Úspora času a peněz při mapování distribuce bezpečnostního povědomí v organizaci.
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Consultancy and advisory services

We provide audits, consultancy, and advisory services in the field of cyber and physical security. We routinely implement complex legal aspects of cybersecurity and defence in the context of both European and Czech legislation.
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Specialized HW, SW, and services

We are representatives or partners of top vendors of specialized software, hardware, and services. We supply technical assets for special security applications. We carry out their selection, testing, delivery, and implementation, including installations in vehicles or facilities.
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