About us

A range of accreditations and certifications

Our experts hold a number of certificates, accreditations, and professional recognitions in a range of fields.

We are on your side

Your interest is always our first priority. We regard each of our clients as the most important to us.

Our documents are important

The analyses, policies, and recommendations we deliver are highly regarded by the professional community.

Fast and reliable

We deliver what we promise. We always respect the client's situation and needs.

Our team has gained a lot of experience in various fields

Arbatax is a developer of applications for the support and provision of security. The CZ HELP or Mobilní Drozd (Mobile Thrush) apps that came from our workshop may ring the bell.
Our team has participated in security assessments and audits of over 50 public spaces, educational institutions, critical infrastructure facilities, and special projects.
Our production has developed and fine-tuned a number of educational audiovisual works that have been used as instructional safety content.
Arbatax experts have experience with over 20 trainings, simulations, and exercises focused on incident response, and also on prevention and detection of security events. We train with the police, use gamification systems, and let clients actually live the scenarios through.
Our experts have experience from all continents except for Antarctica. We only work with the best ones.
Our experts have been involved in various roles in the security education of more than 5,000 professionals in hospitals, banks, offices, schools, army, and other institutions. Our programs last from 30 minutes to 6 semesters. We are proud to have been able to train employees of teaching and regional hospitals, high schools, municipalities as well as specialists working in the field of conservation of national cultural monuments.

(You will certainly understand that we do not give the names of our clients. We do not need to brag and we protect their privacy.)