Cyber defence arena

As part of the preparation of the cyber defence arena, we ensure its design, preparation, moderation, monitoring, logging, recording, and analysis of the results of trainings and simulations.

The training sessions are designed from 3 to 10 days, in three consecutive and interdependent blocks: theory, preparation, defence.

This training covers the cyber security of the organization with the emphasis on the tactics of both attackers and defenders, providing insight into the mindset and behaviour of attackers and the methods and techniques they use. The training focuses specifically on the human factor, team performance, and their role in cyber defence.

The training scenario is designed in collaboration with the customer to cover their needs as much as possible. Training objectives are always defined in accordance with the client’s needs and strategy.

The primary benefit of the training is a demonstrable shift in knowledge and competences in detecting and responding to cyber threats. At the same time, the efficiency and consistency of communication between the technical and decision-making parts of the organization are verified. During the training, existing or established processes and escalation rules can be tested effectively.

The training arena represents a unique environment and methodology, originally based on the military’s approach to cyber defence. In the arena, our clients are often confronted with the strategies of professional cyber attackers for the first time.

All activities in the arena are carried out by the client according to the actual existing European, industry, and custom internal regulations and standards.

Cyber Incident Response Training

A comprehensive training for teams responsible for dealing with cyber incidents and attacks. For administrators, IT security staff, SOC analysts, service or asset owners, company management, CIOs, CISOs, HR, lawyers, and others. (Code: CIRT)

ICS/SCADA Cyber Incident Response Training

Similar to the CIRT training, expanded to include the roles and responsibilities of SCADA controllers, SCADA administrators, and selected OT operators as well as IT security staff with overlap into production or operational environments.

ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Training

A security training for ISC/SCADA controllers, SCADA administrators, key OT operators, and SCADA integrators. (Code: SCST)