Security Manager

Bezpečnostní manažer je klíčovou rolí pro udržení efektivní bezpečnostní infrastruktury, procesů a znalostí v organizaci.
Naše společnost vám nabízí službu bezpečnostního manažera, který Vám pomůže vyřešit široké spektrum aspektů bezpečnosti – od prevence až po reakci na bezpečnostní incidenty.

With this service you get:

  • Expertise at your fingertips - access to highly qualified security experts with years of experience
  • Continuous monitoring of security threats continuous monitoring
    and risk analysis to identify new threats and maintain an acceptable level of risk
  • Verification of security status - Vulnerability detection, perimeter penetration testing, security routine testing
  • Planning and implementation of security measures Planning
    and implementing security measures and strategies that meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • Training and know-how transfer - training for employees and transfer of key safety knowledge to your organisation
  • Technology development - recommendation and implementation of optimal technical solutions
  • Responding to security incidents – procesy pro rychlou a efektivní reakci na bezpečnostní incidenty
  • Regular reports and evaluations – we provide regular reports
    on the status of security, including recommendations for further improvements


Fulfill all security requirements without having to search and employ
full-time specialists. Our expert is usually only hired for 3-5 days of work per month in "idle mode". Need more work? Our staff member will reach out for support or assistance on their own.


Adapting services to your current needs, status and scope of projects.


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