Vulnerabilities mapping

Security Awareness Distribution Mapping (SADiM)

SADiM gives you the opportunity to view your organization as a plastic map. A map where you can see the issues, the strengths, but also points you are throwing money spent on security out the window.

A completely unique solution for

  • accurate mapping of human factor security vulnerabilities
  • measuring and evaluating the effectiveness and quality of educational programs
  • detection of critical processes and nodes
  • saving time and money in security awareness distribution mapping

SADiM is based on the technology tested by NASA, armies, banks, and technology companies. However, this super-powerful technology is used for the unique purpose of detecting both positive and negative deviations of the human factor of security.

Remember that

  • 95% of security incidents are related to the human factor
  • 80% of security awareness programs are poorly targeted
  • 75% of large companies do not use the PDCA cycle to manage their employees educational activities