Soft target protection

With our partners, we conduct special simulations and courses with the topics of Active shooterCrisis communicationConflict caused by a person under the influence of narcotics and addictive substances, Preventing an incident with a disoriented person or a person in acute distress and a lot more.

More than 5,000 employees from critically important institutions have attended our training programs. We help organizations increase their resilience and responsiveness.

We use our proprietary methodologies created by our experts to provide services, building on those of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health, and other ministries. We work in accordance with the methodologies and standards of the Czech Republic, the EU, and even the US FEMA.

For the objectives of projects and training programs, we emphasize practicality, realistic approach and sustainability in order to maximize benefits for our clients.

Programs are always tailored to the industry and territory, making it possible to focus on prevention, detection, and response in the most efficient and comprehensive way to fully cover the concept of soft target protection.

We are specialists in the development of security documents, strategies, and procedures.  

Our specialization

  • Security diagnostics, threat and risk analysis of soft targets
  • Creation of security documentation, including a coordination plan, a notification plan, a security plan, a facility security plan, emergency scenarios, security guards standards, updates of rules of operation, preparation of instructions for visitors to the facility, etc.
  • Design and delivery of information and evacuation systems
  • Development of  security strategy , security processes, and procedures
  • Initial, periodic, and special training of security, operational and medical staff, including online programs
  • Soft target threat assessment using our own special software and methodology to determine its resilience and classification
  • Development of an  implementation plan for the results of the analyses and evaluations 
  • Performing object penetration tests
  • Design, assembly, and delivery of security equipment sets, including training and service
  • Preparation of documents for applications for investment and non-investment subsidies, including the preparation of entire projects

Educational videos and digital transformation of educational programmes take place in the DarkBlue studio.